User-first design

I measure success by how quickly & intuitively the end-user can accomplish their goal. Understand the problem, why it exists, then use cognitive bias, design pscyhology & the Laws of UX to make the unfamiliar feel like second nature.

Progressive Approval

I follow the governing principal of starting broad then refining into something miraculous. That brands start with a mood-board, that products begin with verbal storyboards & that flow is defined before we finalize the Design System.

Generalist Dexterity

Be able to handle lots of different things. Alternate your specialties. Be flexible, adapting to the problem - not the other way around. Problems aren't solved from one viewpoint alone. From UX to Design to Dev, understand (and do lots of) it.

Be Wrong to be Right

Being wrong is no big deal. Really. I have to be wrong before I'm right - it's how humans work. Playing around, experimenting & failing miserably is how I build great stuff (and save budget).

Some published writing

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