Project Capture

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A Star Trek Tricorder inspired us to design an interface that felt like a real-world device that people would use to track alien sightings. Project Capture was one of the last great skeumorphic apps that I built. Flat design was banging at the door, but Photoshop jockeys like myself & Rocksauce Creative Director Chris Lindenmayer were reveling in our ability to simulate real materials. Leather. Steel. Chrome. Age. Tapping into Project Blue Book nostalgia, the product had a vaguely top-secret military installation look & feel, with Future UI elements used for the different diagrams. This website was one that I design & hand-coded myself, full of spinning radar blips and different shaped aliens. Tom DeLonge from Blink182 purchased the app, using it as the basis for his To The Stars / Scout app projects.

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