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A decade before AirBnB was offering tours or curated experienced, there was VadoVia doing it with an Italian flare. One of my favorite projects, but definitely my favorite set of customers I've worked with over the years. Enrico & Elissa Cortesano were a power couple extraordinaire. Both had an unbridled zest for life, from traveling to photography to food. VadoVia was a travel app created to capture that zest into curated experiences. In the app itself, we even created Dark & Lite modes, years before it was all the rage. Trendsetters, we were. Not only did I direct the team, get my hands wet with logo and website design - I also wrote/directed the VadoVia commercial. Shot in Austin, the multiverse splits to show us two Bryans - one who has a great time with VadoVia & his doppelganger who instead gets litearlly shit on by a bat. Enjoy!

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